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Zimahl 173 days ago | link | parent

Well, we certainly live in a very weird time. There's a level of expectation of dads now that there wasn't for my dad. There is now an expectation of 50/50 in raising children even with stay-at-home moms. That means cooking, cleaning, laundry, entertainment, etc., falls on the dad a lot.

Whereas even 30 years ago this certainly wasn't the case. My father was a good dad but certainly didn't clean anything other than the garage. He didn't bathe any of us kids or tuck us in. He sure as hell didn't buy groceries. What he did do it kept the yard clean, the roof clear, the garden growing, the cars running, and coached baseball.

I think too many dads these days are too busy being mom #2. And women think that's what they want but in reality it emasculates their husband in their eyes.

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