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> Let me guess: you still think that we all are going to die of skin cancer because of the whole in the ozone layer? What happened to that thing? Got old? I'll tell you what. New taxes were imposed world-wide and the problem disappeared over night.

"One time my toaster caught fire, and I poured a bucket of water over it and put it out. Therefore I conclude that putting out fires is easy, and I don't see why people keep moaning about forest fires."

> Coldest winters in living memory

Where? It's been balmy as hell here in Kentucky these past two or three winters. Fleas and ticks are getting really bad without a long, hard freeze to kill them all off.

The world's pretty big, you know. Just 'cause it was cold in your neck of the woods doesn't mean the planet's not getting hotter. You can find the global average numbers as well as I can; they speak for themselves.

Sidenote: Might be a bad idea to pour water over a toaster.

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