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The Architecture of Open Source Applications (aosabook.org)
168 points by xcyu 1184 days ago | hide | past | web | 15 comments | favorite

Is there a good discussion site for books like this? ( Since I will probably not read anything, let alone the entire book before it is vanished from the HN frontpage.)

> 17. Sendmail

I'm very curious about the content of this chapter, given that Sendmail's deficiencies resulted in so many alternate MTAs being written (qmail, postfix, exim, etc.).

Err... Is this somehow news? AOSA has been around for quite a while.

Check it out, there is a new book in the series. POSA. The Performance of Open Source Applications.

I didn't know about this, and it's awesome that it's posted here. I'll definitely go through it.

Is there something new here? I feel like this book was there for a while now

The third book was released earlier this month. Since then, nothing new.

I had come across it a few days ago too, and I am currently going through a couple of chapters. Not for the faint-hearted, or for cursory reading.

unless you already work in cloud/mobile, then it's like a comic book. Particularly humorous, imho, is this page: http://aosabook.org/en/posa/secrets-of-mobile-network-perfor..., which doesn't even mention any of the mobile-specific CDNs or telecom infrastructure in any depth other than "Core Network" which "In practice this delay is generally neglible" aka, nothing to see here.

Could you make any recommendations on other items worth reading?

Read up on Warp.

Are you talking about the PBX or something else?

Good job, Tavish

Thanks! And a whole lot more congratulations are owed to the kind folks who wrote the words that go inside the book, and those who helped with copyediting. :-)

Yeah, way to go!!

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