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That's it? A paltry 40km/yr? I think I put like 5000km on mine in the past year just by commuting daily.

This isn't too surprising to me. I'm not sure how average americans perceive the tradeoffs, but biking where I live is incredibly dangerous.

Your yearly commute in micromorts is 311 versus 12 by car.


You (and I) keep that average up at 40 by balancing out all the bikes that get 0 km/yr.

I do 15,000km per year here in Utah. Even 188km per annum seems like maybe you don't need a bike because you could just walk.

Not how averages work :) (Maybe everyone only used their bike for a yearly 188 km ride. Or one woman rode 10,000 km and the rest 10 km. Etc.).

But then I do often use my bike to go 50 m, since it's faster and I can carry stuff on it.

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