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I got an email about this quake over an hour ago - here is the USGS link if anyone else is interested in setting up similar notifications[1]. You can set up customized magnitude ranges for customized parts of the globe, it's a pretty neat little service. Rule of thumb for context is 7.0+ happen about once a month and 8.0+ happen about once a year... I have it email me about every 7+ on the globe and I think every 3+ within a decent range of my city.


Isn't the USGS planning to discontinue this service shortly?

I helped build the Earthquake Notification Service a few years ago when I was at the USGS. I'd be disappointed if they shut it down...

I didn't help build it, and I too, would be disappointed.

It's probably using the same service, but IFTTT has recipes for earthquake notifications.

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