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Yeah, there are many back-up equivalents https://www.cloudhq.net https://mybackupbox.com/ https://mover.io/product/backups

And And those who lost their file will blame the UI. I understand the frustration and how terrible the poster feels but this anecdotal argument is irrelevant to the actual safety or UI quality of Google Drive.

There will always be users who lose their data due to glitches, technical illiteracy, bad design etc. There are literally dozens, maybe hundreds of million Google Drive users.

The lesson that can be learned here is this: Your personal data management system should never have a single point of failure.

Disclaimer: I was a Googler sometime ago but wasn't anywhere near the Drive team.

Again though: the real issue I see here (not the giant UI rant or the Google is Evil nonsense) is that cloud-managed content like Google Docs cannot be backed up meaningfully. I think that's a real problem, and until it's fixed other people are going to be tripping over the same issues.

Yeah, I agree thats its not really intuitive but you can back up cloud managed content by converting it in various formats for export. https://www.google.com/settings/takeout/

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