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I live five miles from work. There are bike lanes the whole way with no freeways inbetween. I drive.

I didn't move close to my job to spend 30+ minutes a day commuting.

I don't want to show up sweaty to the office.

I can run errands or meet someone for lunch. After work I wouldn't need to go home to get my car if I, on a whim, wanted to go across town for whatever reason.

Bay area is popular for biking because they make it difficult to park. Where I live they make it easy with large free parking lots. I'm in a large coastal city.

I agree! I sweat really easily and so biking to work would almost definitely make me sweat and look distressed before I even started the day. It is good to get some exercise I suppose, but I have a membership at the local Y and drive there.

Sign up for a local gym and use their shower.

So you have to from the gym to the office and sweat after the shower anyway?

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