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I think that in Europe riding a bike is something that is done for a good health or exercise. In the US riding a bike can be as much of a statement as driving Hummer H1. In most places in the US there just isn't infrastructure to ride bikes and they are as expensive as used cars. Yep, you make the whole lot of a statement to me if you ride $5k bike in a nice neighborhood on your daily commute in the US. I just know who you vote for when I see you on a bike in nice suite going to work in DC or NYC.

I remember how I was driving to work in the DC instead of taking metro. I was labeled Republican in a second.

So, basically you should avoid doing something healthy to avoid being branded as something you don't like. And the effort to change the current situation is not worth it because of BS politics. Why would you care if strangers label you somehow? I'd only be worried if that could get me into trouble (police, getting mugged, etc.).

The key point from my post is that there is really no biking infrastructure in most of the US, so riding a nice bike to the office in fact becomes a statement. Because riding a bike in let's say Phoenix is just plain dangerous. You don't do it there, period. It's just not convenient to the point where it looks like you are making a left-wing centered statement. It's like driving Hummer H1 in Brussels city centre. One could argue all day long they do it for the passengers safety but the reality is that a strong political statement would be sent (i.e. I have money and don't care about the green craze).

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