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If I take real files (.doc, .cc, .py) in a folder on my computer and move them into my google drive folder on my computer, Google Drive syncs those files to the web. Now my real files exist, sync'd, in two places. My local disk and Google's disk.

If I take Google Doc files I have created in the browser and drag them from my google drive folder on my computer, into another folder, I get a file named the same as the document I had created that basically contains a URL. My gdoc files still only exist in the cloud. What I have in my hand is bupkis. So what are gdoc files? They certainly aren't real files and few people understand that they are worthless outside of the Google Drive folder.

No one expects this is how document dragging to or from folders works.

When dragging gdoc files out of a folder, there needs to be someway for Google Drive to give you the actual file from the cloud.

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