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Well, he deleted years' worth of Google Docs files because of a poor user interface, but he lost the Google Docs files because of an irresponsible backup policy.

Sad, to be sure, but there's no kind of critical document storage that doesn't need a backup.

But there is no way to backup Google Docs files, is there?

What exactly was the "responsible" backup policy supposed to have been?

Something like https://code.google.com/p/gdocbackup/ combined with another backup (on physical media or in the cloud).

I disagree with this. It sounds like he had the reasonable expectation that the files WERE backed up, living both locally and on Google's servers. He might have even thought he was testing his backups by opening one of the local "files" after he moved them.

> he had the reasonable expectation that the files WERE backed up

All of my .gdoc and .gsheet files were 4 KB when I last used the Google Drive desktop client. How is it reasonable to conclude that all of one's Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets are 4 KB each? I could definitely understand how my mom might arrive at this conclusion, but this guy identifies as a "web designer and developer".

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