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And most other people, I imagine.

Dropbox would work the same way. Although it might be permanent, but I've never tried something so ridiculous.

I think you missed the part when the original document is not a document, but a link/reference. There's no analogue in Dropbox.

Dropbox lets you recover a file if you've deleted it recently.

Even if the trashcan is emptied?

Even better: items that have been "deleted" don't count toward your storage limit, even if they are recoverable.

How can I restore a permanent deleted file? I can't find the option to do that

I don't think you can... I don't see an "empty trash" button anywhere though. You can't permanent-delete a file just by removing it from a folder on your computer. You have to log in to the website, right-click it, select "delete", click the trash icon at the top of the screen, right-click the file again and select "permanent delete". That's not even close to what happened to OP.

Well, the OP emptied the Google Drive trash can that it is the same than permanent deleting files on Dropbox.

The complaint is that Google Drive's UI is confusing, and can lead to unintentional data loss. Dropbox has a much better UI, and it's harder to lose data by accident.

Ah, yes, it is confusing for Google Docs files

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