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You can campaign and support elected officials who promise not to do so.

Of course, in the meantime they could be targeted against you and anyone you associate with.

That's still not actually doing something about it.

IMO voting is the same as praying. I mean, sure; Your ruler may decide to grant one or more of your wishes, but you'll never know if it was them, or simply chance.

Also, my point was regarding boycotting, and how free association and volunteerism become ineffective when dealing with government or government sponsored corporations. Boycotting on free market ideals, means they don't make money if most people don't like them. This can't happen when the operation itself if funded through tax dollars and currency controls.

We know politicians always keep their promises :)

>...elected officials who promise...

We need an accountability contract; You campaign to do XYZ. You sign it. You get elected. After N month you get audited. if you fail - you lose the position.

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