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Why, oh why GPLv3 for a linkable library?

Request something more permissive (LGPL, MIT, BSD)?

Closed-source licenses are provided per request and the only restriction seems to be that you don't sell a DB system backed by the lib[1]. If you really want to prevent closed-source abuse of your library, a GPL-based dual licensing setup is the only way I can think of.

1 - http://whitedb.org/licence.html

Ah -- ok -- I got my info from the COPYING file in the git repo.

Regardless: "those which are distributed and marketed as database systems to be used by other developers" looks to be _full_ of wiggle room within what I suspect[1] is the authors intent.

[1] "I/somebody will/might make this a higher-order database tool for developers and I don't want anyone to compete with anybody else without forcing everybody involved (with this code) to open their entire codebase" (??)

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