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I'm out and about walking every day now that I live in Seattle; it really depends where you live. Thankfully, I don't believe you know what it's like to be cornered by five guys who want to beat your brains out for no good reason at all other than they are bored and have nothing better to do. At some point it's not worth it. It was a good motivating factor for me to work my ass off to make sure I don't live in such a place.

Actually I was writing with knowledge: I have been mugged, not just your normal mugging, but an ultraviolent mugging. I was on foot, two guys apprehended me, dragged me to the gutter, beat the living daylights out of me - I could see chunks of skin being kicked off my face but because they had kicked my kidneys in I could not feel anything (adrenaline). I heard more footsteps and thought I might be saved. Alas no, another gang joined in, the first of this group smashing a glass bottle on my head as a way of saying hello. After this went on for a while they dragged me to my feet and demanded money at knife point.

I know what I am talking about. My response to this was to ride a bicycle and never be a pedestrian in that bit of town again. I also moved house, seeing my own blood on the pavement was a bit much!

On your bike!

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