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> Another program, made by Bright Planet and called BlueJay, is billed in a brochure to law enforcement as a "Twitter crime scanner." BlueJay allows cops to covertly monitor accounts and hashtags; three that Bright Planet touts in promotional material are #gunfire, #meth, and #protest. In another promotional document, the company says BlueJay can "monitor large public events, social unrest, gang communications, and criminally predicated individuals," as well as "track department mentions." Bright Planet did not respond to a request for comment.

The firehose, which BlueJay presumably collects from, doesn't capture geolocations that aren't already in the public data, right? So it looks like the end of the road for criminals who tweet about their #meth lab and have let Twitter geocode their tweets. Hopefully, that consists of the majority of villains the police have to deal with

It's stupid. That is what it is. The industrial surveillance complex that is being set up, do these companies really think people are that naive?

And what makes me even more sad about this is that #meth and #protest are considered as dangerous.

The Silk Road founder was caught because he was stupid.

My friend got robbed at gunpoint this week, her phone and purse were taken. The cops found the suspect because she had Find My iPhone enabled.

Simple things often lead to catching bad guys.

In this context, "stupid" isn't binary. It makes strategic sense for law enforcement to invest in systems that create requirements for criminals to be smart all the time; lots of people can avoid stupidity for short stretches, but far fewer of them can be consistently competent over the long term.

Totally agree.

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