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How often you buy a vehicle, be it a bike or a car is not that much to do with the price of it, but is more to do with how much space you have and how well the current one works, or whether you are bored of it.

Besides, you cannot accidentally spend £30 to fill up a small drawer unit with bikes, cars or computers, which you can do quite easily with paper and pens, I have found.

Also, the prices are not quite as you present. Some people with not much money manage to buy old cars that cost £100 and some people with a lot of money buy new pushbikes that cost over £5000.

But you can have a bike and a car, like you can have a computer and pens. Sometimes you can use a car, sometimes a bike.

The article doesn't address these statistics. Or kid bikes. Also not seeing motorbikes, which seem quite popular in Europe.

I'm surprised that bike sales are that far off from car sales anyway. Expected most people that grow old enough to ride to buy one.

Very informative otherwise.

>Also not seeing motorbikes, which seem quite popular in Europe.

Yes, mopeds are very, very, popular in Italy.

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