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> Slicehost can more easily upgrade your plan. Linode has to switch your box should you want to move plans. Often Slicehost can move plans while keeping you on the same box.

I'm on slicehost, and when I upgraded ("resized") a slice, it was not a "live" operation. I don't know whether it's physically the same machine, but the old slice had to be shutdown, file system copied, and a new slice booted.

From the "Resize your slice" page:

Step 3: Current slice is shut down and migrated You will experience a downtime varying in proportion to fullness of the filesystem.

It's pretty similar on SH and LN. I prefer LN, because you get to decide when it happens. You just get a message in your manager to say you have a migrate pending, and you can shutdown when you like.

When I moved from 1400 to 2800 it was a very speedy operation.

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