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Drone Invaders is surprisingly addictive - the game play has been highly enjoyable. Congratulations on shipping a really fun game!

Just one minor note: I'm left-handed, but the position of the reload button on the bottom left corner means I either have to stop shooting and move my finger down to reload, or else use my comparatively inept right hand to shoot. Again, it's only a small observation but I thought I'd send it your way for consideration.

Actually, the reload is added to make sure you stop the shooting ;)

But, I also noticed that on tablets you would easily use both hands: one to shoot, other to reload, esp. on 10-inch tablet, where the distance is too great.

I guess I'll have to add a left-handed option to reverse the reload button and wave number.

You don't have to - but it would be a very nice touch. :)

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