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> 7. It’s probably a gross violation of your company’s security policy. > Yes. As is using Linkedin itself. Or Dropbox. Or Github. Or Evernote. Or Chrome. Or any enterprise software that uses the bottom up approach.

I doubt I could even find a company that prohibited accessing LinkedIn from a work computer anymore. Many don't disallow installing software either.

If you truly believe what you wrote, you almost certainly believe accessing work email from a personal device is prohibited at typical companies. Maybe this is true at large companies, but not anywhere I've worked.

Your argument has no validity. You claim that it's absurd for IT to differentiate between "sending your email to your phone" and "sending your email through a third party with no connection to email deliverability and no business relationship"

obviously you've never worked in any industry that has regulatory obligations. I work for a bank, on the team that looks after blocking all of this. We don't allow linkedin. We don't allow installing arbitrary software. We don't allow accessing personal email from work devices or vice versa. Regulators can, and will, fine you for doing these things without consulting them.

Apple prohibits developers from listing details of what they're working on on their linkedin profile for trade secret reasons.

Countless companies prohibit salespeople from connecting to potential leads on linkedin to prevent it leaking to competitors.

I'm guessing you've not worked in enterprise because it's pretty normal to have a company policy on "bring-your-own-device" (typically companies will only allow access from devices that meet security requirements on password, anti-virus, etc. often they'll also require the ability to remotely wipe your device)

Every (serious) company prohibits it's employees from disclosing secret information, be it Linkedin or by phone, and even verbally with your friends. That doesn't mean it's forbidden to use Linkedin, make phone calls, or talk to people.

You doubt you could find a company that prohibited accessing LinkedIn from a work computer? In that scenario, how hard would you be trying? Many companies I know don't let their employees upgrade their IE from 6 or 7 (which is where that market share comes from), I sincerely doubt those companies are letting employees on LinkedIn.

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