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> Shhhh! Don't bring rationality into this HN anti-LinkedIn Circle-jerk!

That's a reddit-level comment.

People with technical, ethical or privacy concerns are just as relevant to the discussion. LinkedIn already has a shady history in terms of unauthorized data slurping, privacy and handling of users. No one has to swallow what they're offering now as altruistic if they don't want to.

Plenty of concerns indeed...

6.5 Million LinkedIn Password Hashes Leaked


LinkedIn sued by users who say it hacked their e-mail accounts


Your iPhone calendar isn’t private—at least if you use the LinkedIn app


LinkedIn: The Creepiest Social Network


LinkedIn opts 100 million users into sharing information with ads


LinkedIn is Evil


LinkedIn was also pulling down your contacts/address book through that iOS flaw just like Path and several other apps were at the time.

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