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Surprised me as well. I don't know of a metric where slicehost beats linode.

Slicehost support is top notch -- also getting started on a box is absurdly simple with PickledOnion's tutorials.

True. PickedOnion's tutorials are really helpful, especially if it's your first time setting up a "real" server. I later went with Linode for my personal websites, since they're a bit cheaper, and I felt more comfortable with setting up a box now.

I went with linode and used the slicehost tutorials for setup. All good. I definitely feel more loyalty to slicehost, but I was already set up on linode and it is cheaper, so momentum kept me there.

SH are definitely good people, but are they better than Linode in terms of support? That's difficult to determine and quantify. The only support request I filed was asking if they'd be adding 32 bit instances any time soon, and they said no;-)

Disk, right? RAID 1+0 at Slicehost is pretty unique, afaik.

I'm not saying that makes them objectively better in every way, but it's just an answer to your non-question. ;)

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