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> Seriously, how hard is it to locate Rasmus' e-mail address?

Why should google do that ? because it's Rasmus? they dont have to do that period.

The CORRECT SOLUTION is to protect users FIRST and not allow the site to infect more computers.

IT IS NOT google responsability to warn webmasters if their site are infected (though they can be warned by email automatically).

IT IS the webmaster's responsability to audit his website security, which obviously did not happen with php.net. If they get punished for that , that's FAIR , because it will force them to take security more seriously.

[edit] it's hight time people move from httpd to something else like nginx. httpd is insecure by default, this is not how you deal with security. as for PHP, since it doesnt promote any good security practice by default, it should be avoided.

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