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I haven't downloaded v3 yet, but I love using Pixelmator for quick edits and tweaks to images. It loads much faster on my MacBook Air than Photoshop, and I've found the learning curve to be much lower too. All while having 80% of the features from Photoshop; which for my basic needs is 98% of everything I'll do.

Version 3 looks like a huge win for customers, really excited to be grabbing the update for free from the App Store. Although honestly, I'd pay for it again at this point.

Almost made this exact post... I was looking for a Photoshop clone for Mac and stumbled on Pixelmator years ago, it's definitely not as full-featured as PS but it's a fraction of the cost and it does what I need it to do 98% of the time. For $30 it's a steal, especially if they're upgrading it like this.

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