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This what I found on registering:

You get 10 free captures on signup.

After that, plans vary from '$5 for 100 captures' to '$30 for 1000 captures'.

[edit #1]

I added this to one of my websites. Holy Shit, it is good! I've bought 100 captures for now, for $5.

[I shamefully admit that this is one of the ideas I had but didn't execute all. These guys have done an amazing job.]

[edit #2]

Thanks to paraschopra's comment, I checked out userfly too. I am going to try that too. Clixpy didn't detect keystrokes correctly on one of my websites. Lemme see how userfly fares for the same test case.

  Note to self : Competition is good. 
It is like a neighborhood coffee shop getting more traffic because of a Starbucks opening nearby, contrary to the tiny shop's fears. I wouldn't have become a user of userfly today without clixpy.

[edit #3]

( Userfly dude rambles for quite a while in the demo :-) )

Notes on Userfly:

Userfly's performance can be better. Hmm. Definitely. But I like it too.

I wish Google released a product that has this functionality. I don't trust userfly or clixpy completely, since they didn't replay my test drive properly. But I'll definitely be using them until something more robust comes along.

I hope to god Google does not (though I would not be surprised if they _already_ do this internally)

Google already has a LOT of information about it's users. No more please

Google will get the data if it wants. Do you think that sharing that with us webapp creators makes it worse? Also, I don't necessarily want it to be only from Google... just want a solid tool that you can rely on. Google is the only company that came to mind when I thought who can deliver that.

No doubt. As I mentioned, in all probability, Google already does it. And sharing it with webapp creators does not make it worse. Heh.. I used to create web applications and am a developer for a MORPG.

Google kind of does this already - when you click on search results, it's not just a hyperlink, it fires an event onMouseDown to tell Google which results you're clicking on.

Google will end up where Microsoft is today if everyone keeps hoping that they become the boss of the internet; my guess is they will.

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