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Looks nice - but unfortunately as someone whose day-to-day language is python, I'll give up my requests library [1] when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.


Not mine mine, it should be obvious. I'm not Kenneth Reitz.

In all seriousness, would be interested to hear about differences/benefits...

I'm the creator of unirest-python. I love requests and I think it's a great library, the Unirest libraries have been created to bring the same, easy, usage experience across different programming languages. They're a good fit for the 80% of simple consumption scenarios. We will improve all the Unirest libraries to make them a good fit for the remaining 20% :)

I don't like the idea of libraries competing with each other, I personally think they all get the niche of users who can decide which one to use accordingly to the problem they try to fix.

Quick thing: you are expecting a header to be specified? If so, that's not a good API design. You should fall back to keyword argument ``headers=``.

This is a good point, I've just opened an issue.

Fair answer - I've definitely found similar libraries in other languages less than obvious. It's a noble goal :) - keep up the good work!

How about a parameter to bind a specific IP?

So far it looks like the best use case for unirest python is for async requests, which python requests doesn't support.

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