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I never got why MRIs are scary for anyone.

I've had two MRIs when I was a child. For some reason the "thunks" are relaxing to me and I fell asleep during both procedures. I even pressed the "panic button" by mistake when I had a sleep spasm! MRIs are nap time for me :)

"The outcome of this MRI will determine whether your surgery is go or no-go, the surgery can leave you with a colostomy bag for the rest of your life."

Add to that feeling very ill and weak and having a headache. The thunks are equally likely to be experienced as a pleasant rhythmic music or cause your head to spin and make you throwup.

Things that appear trivial and insignificant can cause a great deal of discomfort for people. I actually felt anguish because of a cracked ceiling for example (you're stuck looking at it for days).

I might have worded that wrong.

I get why people might be scared, but I just don't, and can't see the scary in MRIs. I can fear the outcome, but not the procedure itself.

I'm just curious about what's scary about it. Perhaps fear of the unknown? I knew why that machine was making those noises (my dad was cool and he taught me the basics about MRI machines). Or is just a personality trait, just like fear of cockroaches?

I knew the basics of how the MRI machine worked at the time as well, but its discombobulating for one. Also, you can rationally know a dark cave is empty but still something about it can be foreboding.

Its why they are called feelings and not thinkies. :) You're ill, it makes it sucks more somehow.

This decal idea in the article takes the drama out of it I suppose is the best explanation I could offer.

They are terrifying for me because I am claustrophobic. That is all.

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