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It looks like Emma's math prowess is working against her. It's ironic the app developers - who need her help the most - are pushing her away.

OK, so there is a difference between computer science and programming. that's why there are two different stack-exchanges:

And we can make even finer distinctions if we wanted to.

it's actually really fucking INCREDIBLE that

* you can know tons of CS without being able to build a decent app * you can a decent facebook clone without having any idea how it works

I feel really bad for Emma. I was a math major, but app developers won't even look at me b/c I'm not a full-stack whatever. So now I'm a Data Scientist at an advertising firm in Puerto Rico.

Hey, I'm a math major looking for jobs/internships in data science. Any chance I could ask you a few questions about your experience finding work?

it was a nightmare due to most programmers' ironic contempt for computer science, let alone mathematics. they consider it a waste of money.

I moved to another country (Puerto Rico) have 2 excellent data scientist jobs and have enjoyed every day since.

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