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Poll: Where are you currently living?
1132 points by Systemic33 on Oct 21, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 309 comments
An interesting question, that was last asked according to search, 3,4 and respectively 5 years ago. [1,2,3]

Please read through the list, to find the choice that describes you the best.

I've tried to be more precise than just continents, but still not every country, but rather regions, more or less divided by culture. I apologize if anyone feel left out, please leave a comment then with what region/country that you feel is significant enough to warrant it's own choice.

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=527681

[2] http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1640384

[3] http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=235585

Remember to upvote the Poll itself, for better results.

2567 points
Western Europe (excl. UK)
748 points
516 points
401 points
Australia and New Zealand (apparently called Australasia)
368 points
300 points
Scandinavia (incl. Finland and Iceland)
291 points
Eastern Europe
262 points
Southern Europe / Mediterranean Europe
144 points
South East Asia
138 points
Southern part of South America
114 points
85 points
Middle East (excl. Egypt -> N-Africa)
70 points
53 points
52 points
Southern Africa (not only South Africa)
46 points
42 points
Southern North America (eg. Mexico)
36 points
Northern part of South America
27 points
Northern Africa
16 points
South Korea
15 points

>Southern North America (eg. Mexico)

>Northern part of South America

>Souther part of South America

Looks needlessly fragmented and imprecise. What is 'Southern part of South America'? Cono Sur? Then Brazilians from Minas Gerais and Porto Alegre are in different groups? Was that the intention? Why 'Southern North America' and not Central America? Where does Caribbean belong? Middle Asia (say, Kazakhstan)? Is Spain Western Europe or Southern Europe? Is Czech Republic Eastern Europe or Western Europe (since you don't offer 'Central Europe' as an option and some Czechs may be unhappy with identifying as Eastern Europeans)? Is Estonia in Eastern Europe? It damn well is in Eastern Europe, but some Estonians identify Estonia as Scandinavian.

Next time you guys should use some well established scheme such as this one http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_geoscheme and just link to it in the post so no one is confused.

"Is Czech Republic Eastern Europe or Western Europe (since you don't offer 'Central Europe' as an option and some Czechs may be unhappy with identifying as Eastern Europeans)?"

Same with Poland. The Western-Eastern distinction is an artifact of the Cold War, but it doesn't correspond well with the civilizational affiliations and historical experience of Central European nations.

Eg. Poland has rich traditions of democracy and civil freedoms - its Golden Liberty, and later, the first constitution in Europe - while Eastern Europe was typically autocratic.

Then there's being mostly catholic (and not orthodox), then there's the use of Latin alphabet (whereas Eastern Europe tends to use cyrillic), etc.

I'd say this whole regional distinctions thing is utterly mythologized and politically motivated. It's more like branding than anything tangible. No one wants to be associated with the less well off parts of the world and some want to add flair of objectivity to their purely political claims. Like current Russian and Kazakhstani govts pushing all things 'Euroasian', or German strategists inventing Mitteleuropa back then.

I rest my case as for Central Europe. The main line of division is along Roman vs. Byzantine legacy, and this point of view is not hard to defend

Of course pushing forward the category of Central Europe may stem from a variety of motivations, like some people just fearing the stigma of being "Eastern" as you say.

But this does not by itself invalidate the legitimate justifications for using the concept of Central Europe and it's certainly not enough of a reason to drop it altogether

I was shocked as well when I read that this survey was part of a randomized double-blind study sponsored by the NIH.

Ha ha good one. Being pedantic is a curse, yes.

I'm from Estonia and I had to vote 'Other'. I don't identify myself as an eastern european nor as a scandinavian. I'm from northern europe, as also classified by your linked UN geoscheme. [1] There is no northern europe poll option however.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_geoscheme

I wonder if mostly anyone from "cold war Eastern Europe" countries identify as an Eastern European any more?

Estonians and other Baltic states don't, Poland doesn't. Czech Republic probably doesn't. What about Slovenia, or Croatia, or Macedonia? Or Hungary?

Also maybe Russians identify as Russians and not Eastern Europeans.

I could put all the countries in the Eastern European Timezone as Eastern Europe, but it would put Finland in there as well which would be wierd.

Russians have entry of their own and then are free to vote Eastern Europe too (poll is multi-select).

Normally it is considered that Venezuela is the northern country of South America, so for me that fragmentation is correct. I just will add Central America to include the Caribbean and countries below Mexico.

I mean, just calling it "central america" would have helped.

Central America is everything from Guatemala to Panama and doesn't include Mexico.

Interestingly, the UN includes Mexico in Central America, but it seems to be one of the few official organizations to do so:


Thats what I thought too.

Agree. Southern part of South America is very confusing, how south is southern? Is São Paulo south enough? Should I live in Patagonia to mark that?

I wasn't aware of that scheme, I'll remember it for another time, it would pollute the data too much to change it all now.

I guess it would also ruin compatibility with previous polls. Sigh.

So, where would Costa Rica belong, I'm confused.

Yeah, I felt confused, I live in southern Brazil. Is it south enough for the continent?

You can't have a "western europe excl UK" and then a "southern europe". Italy and Spain are for sure in both categories.

Ditto. I clicked them both. - Cheers from Italy.

I actually checked Wikipedia and went for South Europe, that's what it says.

Ciao - Italy here too ;)

Cheerz. I mean, salve :)

Don't forget Portugal! Lisbon checking in

Well of course - it's difficult to get more western Europe than Portugal ;)

It is not very difficult - Iceland :-)

Greece is in Western Europe, even though it's pretty much the southeasternmost part:


Yes, because the division has historically been more political than geographical.

France too, depending on which part. If you live in Lille you may not feel like it, but if you live in Marseille you totally want to vote Southern Europe.

Population (in millions):

  USA	316.8
  Canada: 35.1
  Southern North America: 176.6
  Northern part of South America: ?
  Southern part of South America: ?
  ...South America: 387.4
  UK: 62.2
  Scandinavia: 25.7
  Western Europe (excl. UK): 278.7
  Eastern Europe: 176.7
  Southern Europe / Mediterranean Europe: 153.5
  Russia: 142.2
  Northern Africa: ?
  Southern Africa: ?
  ...Africa: 1032.5
  Middle East: 370.9
  India: 1210.2
  China: 1353.8
  South East Asia: 610.0
  Australia and New Zealand: 35.6
  Japan: 126.6
  South Korea: 50.2
  Other: ?

Hacker News voters# per million:

                   pop/mil votes density
  Canada              35.1   284    8.09
  Australia/NZ        35.6*  283    7.95
  Scandinavia         25.7   151    5.88
  USA                316.8  1817    5.74
  UK                  62.2   190    3.05
  Western Europe     278.7   363    1.30
  Eastern Europe     176.7   155    0.88
  Southern Europe    153.5    65    0.42
  Japan              126.6    34    0.27
  South America      387.4    71^   0.18
  Russia             142.2    26    0.18
  South East Asia    610.0   110    0.18
  India             1210.2   196    0.16
  Southern North Am  176.6    25    0.14
  South Korea         50.2     7    0.14
  Middle East        370.9    40    0.11
  China             1353.8    61    0.05
  Africa            1032.5    26^   0.03
# As at time of posting

* Australia/NZ population is treated as Oceania, as the original survey implied Australasia.

^ Combined votes for northern and southern regions.

Not surprisingly it follows English language spread quite closely. The top 5 consists of English speaking countries and Scandinavia (where everybody speaks English as a second language). If the Netherlands had been singled out from Western Europe I would expect to see the density high there as well.

Updated results[0]#

                  pop/mil   votes  density
  Australia/NZ       27.6*    351     12.7
  Canada             35.1     385     11.0
  Scanda-Nordic      26.2     279     10.6
  UK                 63.8     497      7.8
  USA               316.8    2445      7.7
  Europe Western    191.5     719      3.8
  Europe Eastern    161.0     254      1.6
  Europe Southern   151.2     138      0.9
  Russia            143.5      49      0.3
  Japan             127.2      42      0.3
  South America     402.8     133^     0.3
  South Korea        50.2      14      0.3
  India            1235.3     288      0.2
  South East Asia   602.4     129      0.2
  Southern North Am 203.0      34      0.2
  Other             320.9      49      0.2
  Middle East       515.7      64      0.1
  China            1391.6      81      0.1
  Africa           1085.4      57^     0.1
# As at time of posting

* Australia/NZ population is NOT treated as Oceania, because on reflection I don't think Oceanic voters would have picked the question as posed. Oceania has been rolled into 'other'.

^ Combined votes for northern and southern regions.

[0] Source: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmufGoZ--XWedHF...

I wonder if this high density of Canadian is a new thing. If so, it would correlate will recent feeling that HN's quality has been dropping. And we all know that correlation is causality.

For the records; This was meant as a joke, I'm canadian myself. Arguably it was not very clear or funny.

I'm not sure where your numbers come from, but they're overestimating Australia + NZ by around a quarter.

From Wikipedia, NZ ~4.7 million, AU ~23.2 million, total ~28 million.

I used Oceania, because the poll was implied to also mean "Australasia", which is a geographically vague term, but is commonly known to be very inclusive.

Ah, ok, I believe Oceania also includes Papua New Guinea and Polynesian islands, so Oceania is a bit bigger than Australasia.

I'm curious, which Countries did you consider for Western Europe, and Which for Southern/Mediterranean Europe?

I tried to follow Wikipedia as closely as possible, but stupidly didn't keep my workings.

My starting point was the full list for Europe. From there I split off UK, then split off Scandanavia, then split off Southern Europe, then worked out a plausible split for the remaining western and eastern. For example, Czech fell into my eastern pile, but could have easily gone the other way...

I didn't even bother trying to bisect Africa or South America, as I couldn't find any evidence for such canonical bisections.

Political geography is tedious.

Ok, thanks for the answer. So "Western Europe excl UK" is actually "Western Europe excl UK and Southern Europe" :)

Please don't put Switzerland in Scandinavia. It is not the same as Sweden.

Also, please don't put Finland and Iceland in Scandinavia.

Scandinavia = Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The Nordic Countries = Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Faroes, Greenland, Svalbard and Åland Islands.

I agree with you! But read the original poll choice:

  Scandinavia (incl. Finland and Iceland)

Now we're getting into semantics, but the point is, it says "including", and you can't "include" Finland and Iceland into Scandinavia. That would be like saying "North America (including Brazil and Chile)".

You could, however, say, Scandinavia PLUS Finland and Iceland - but that's not what OP wrote.

I agree with you! I'm just dealing with the data we've been given.

If you mean the British Isles (Ireland and the UK) then say the British Isles. UK is not shorthand for British Isles. Clue is in the name: United _Kingdom_ = monarchy, Ireland is a republic.

Ireland is not in the UK.


What's the rationale for breaking UK out from the rest? Population? Size? France and Germany are both larger.

Don't ask me, ask the OP who invented this crazy breakdown. I'm just trying to make sense of the insanity.

(One rationale might be propensity towards English as a first language, which does represent a strong influence to Hacker News readership.)

Looks like a fair solution, but the problem remains with the OP - I'm from Italy, if I see "Western Europe excl. Uk" I tick it, but then I would also need to tick "Southern Europe" ;)

I used this as a basis (but had to shuffle around Northern countries to achieve a clean Scandinavia break):


I expect this will skew results.

Germany, France etc. will be turned-off or even insulted by the grouping and feel less impulse to represent than the named countries where a little nationalistic pride will be a motivator.

The reason for this turn-off is somewhat justified by your language - bother, pile, tedious etc. You must be American - jk!

I also didn't know. I first voted for "Western Europe". And then I saw the "Southern/Mediterranean Europe" possibility and felt that it fits better so I voted for that one too.

On the other hand, if France isn't "Western Europe", who is?

By the way, a maybe simpler, and for sure more objective division could have been between "EU" and "Non-EU Europe"

> On the other hand, if France isn't "Western Europe", who is?

Well, it really depends on where in France. Even culturally (except for the language), people in cities which are in the South of France such as Marseille are much closer to Spanish / Italians / Maghrebians than to other French from Paris on many points.

Population of Australia 22.68 million Population of New Zealand 4.433 million

Where did the extra 8.5 million come from?

The poll says Australasia, which includes Papua New Guinea (pop 7.4M), the rest would be from the smaller island nations I guess

Interesting, I didn't know that Papua New Guinea was sometimes/often included in Australasia. It seems that the definition of Australasia differ when talking geopolitically vs Ecologically.

I think it is a mistake to include PNG with Australia/NZ as they are so fundamentally different that to group them together hides interesting information.

Ridiculous to include PNG.

Hey, man....it's been an ISO/IEC standard since 2004.

The poll choices are indeed ridiculous.

I am from Jaipur, India. Many I times I am detestful of the fact that I don't live in big cities like Mumbai or Bangalore. I don't hear of any programming meetups that happen here, neither there are any conferences, nor any startup that has bubbled up. The first thing that I want to do after my graduation is to move in to a big city because socializing with smart people is the most recurring advice I have heard for ambitious freshers.

Moving is a good idea.

I'm from the US, but I spent a substantial amount of time in India when I started by first company. Initially, we were outside of Bangalore (not by much), but enough that the company and I were disconnected from the city.

Around 2004 we moved the company to Bangalore, and I moved with the company.

It was the best move ever.

The cost of living is higher, it's over populated, traffic sucks, and so on in terms of problems. But it's where all of the action is and the people are.

Fast forward to 2012 and I was living 50 minutes outside of San Francisco (over the 80) and Silicon Valley (down the 680). I moved to into the valley to be in the action. Again, best move ever.

In general, go to where the action is. Your thinking on this is sound. There are smart people in Jaipur, but nothing like what you'll find in Mumbai or Bangalore.

Best of luck to you.

I am curious, what were the barriers (apart from financial) like when you moved to San Francisco? This is assuming you moved your startup over to SF. I ask this since I am starting up in India, and increasingly thinking to relocate to Silicon Valley.

Mumbai is the place to be for a lot of people, but maybe not for core tech and programmers. We don't have a very strong programming community here (though we are trying to build one). We don't have as many tech events and communities as Bangalore. Mumbai has quite a few startups, but again, there are far more in Bangalore. And the worst thing is Mumbai is quite a bit more expensive to live. The rents are very high, probably double of the Bangalore rates. And you don't really get higher salaries to balance this out.

This has been my experience with Mumbai. You may be happy here, depending on what job you get here, and what circle of geeks and friends you find around here. In general, it is a much more happening place than Bangalore.

Edit: Obviously, both of these options are far better than Jaipur. Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi are the places to be for working in tech. You can probably add Pune, Chennai and maybe Hyderabad to that list, but that's it.

I'm going to be in Mumbai in a few weeks, then going through to Bangalore. I'd like to try to hook up with some people, go to some events and just check things out a bit.

So any tips for social events re tech/startup stuff in Mumbai would be much appreciated.

After that I go on a proper vacation.

I agree location is important.

I asked the same question on HN 1450 days ago, see the responses I got: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=916622

Jaipur may not be the best place to start at this point in time but it definitely seem to have some future promises to offer.

I would like to bring to your notice that Entrepreneurship/Startup radar has picked up in Jaipur lately. Several events, groups have come up:

Some examples are:


startup jaipur: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jaipurtechies/

ceo jaipur: https://www.facebook.com/CeoJaipur

startup saturday jaipur: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ssjaipur/


Startup saturday event is happening every month

Startup Jaipur also meets physically , a little infrequently though, since December last year. And I plan to do hackthons and stuff under this (I am one of the founding members and an admin on FB), a little short on bandwidth though, would like to take the lead and try a hand?

CEO Jaipur the first co-working space for/by/of the entrepreneurs started some time back. They have space to host other events too.

Then there were some events from TIE like 'TIE mashup' that recently happened.

more events:

Bringing startup weekend to Jaipur is in process.

Overall, it's heating up but agreeably not as mature or vibrant as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad or Pune. ( Lived and experienced the first three cities and their meetups personally.)

I am from Jaipur too and I run a startup ( http://startuplabs.io/ ) here.

Let me know if you would like to meetup and hangout.

Sure. Would love to meet you, throw me a mail at shubham.jain.1@gmail.com.

Yes, Bangalore has lot of social and tech meetups where you can meet the like minded people.

It would be neat if HN automatically provided something like this embedded at the top.

haha, I am at work and I get blocked...

"Your request was categorized by Blue Coat Web Filter as 'Hacking'."

I checked this at home - awesome, should be added to HN as a little widget with polls.

I only mention it because I learned the difference yesterday, but that is a bar graph, not a histogram.

If anyone's curious (like I was), a histogram has a continuous variable for it's x-axis, the bars on a histogram correspond to bins of the continuous variable. E.g. 1-10, 11-20, 21-30. In a bar graph, the x-axis is usually a discontinuous variable, typically types, with no specifically meaningful sort order, e.g. in this case, countries. Also, by convention, histograms have no spaces between bars to represent the continuity while bar graphs do to represent the discontinuity. Correct me if I'm wrong.

You're right. Seeing as I've been using the term 'histogram' in place of 'bar chart' all the time, that's some life-changing information right there.

Given how many more votes US has than anything else, I think breaking it down would be warranted.

I'm thinking:

* San Fransisco Bay area * Seattle/Redmond area * Other west coast * Boston/Cambridge * New York * Other east coast * Chicago * Ann Arbor * Austin * Other noncoastal

Added a new poll for you - if you're interested, go there to vote or comment if you want the categories adjusted.


Not putting Brazil there is kinda silly, specially when it is a country that spans so much of South America that I bet some brazillians will put north south america while others will put south south america... (Also important: brazil vs rest of south america is more relevant, considering brazil went with a fairly unique culture, ie: not hispaniard, also Argentina in comparison to the rest of South America has a very high amount of caucasians, making it also quite unique compared to the rest, although, ie: having a european culture mixed with spain culture, instead of the usual spain mixed with native america)


Not if we upvote it enough to keep it on the front page for a while.

Depends how well US and Asia region will keep this alive :) it's 4.30 AM here in EU, so if you keep it rolling for maybe 5 hours on front page, I reckon it'll make it around the world.

Any chance this thread will stay high until the morning?

(Meh, I guess probably not...)

I live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

99% of the time I have no regrets about moving here from the United States. That other 1% of the time when you are sick or require the services of the police, it's not the best place to be. My insurance plan covers an airlift to Thailand in the event of a serious emergency.

Are you the guy from Pirate Bay?

Nope, he got nabbed in Sihanoukville, which is the touristy beach destination in Cambodia. It's a small enough town that all the expats know each other, so I've met many people who ran into him a few times.

I don't think the Pirate Bay people ever lived in the USA, nor do they want to come close.

Unlikely, he was deported from Cambodia.

Can we not just ask pg for the data?

Might not be entirely accurate, I'm currently in China but will show up as being from the UK or US because of my VPN.

It will probably be more accurate than doing this poll manually (many people won't submit their data).

Interesting that the ratio of Americans to Canadians is less than their respective populations.

Yes, I thought the same, especially interesting because I would assume that many Canadian techies moved to Seattle or the valley.

Also interesting that there are soon as many HN members outside the US as within (if this survey reflects the truth).

I don't think as many Canadians are moving to the states as they used to. The tech sector in Canada is doing quite well, and many of the American companies that people used to move down south for have offices up here (EA Vancouver, for example). Even in Victoria, tech is the number one industry, and the talent pool is good enough to support serious players in industry, locally or foreign owned.

It's a self-selected survey, it's likely that people who have a higher desire to have their country of residence represented would be more likely to participate. I suspect that Canadians fall into that category.

Then you assume that less US residents have a desire to have their country of residence represented. Why?

They'll come first anyway, so why bother?

"Brain drain", possibly?

More likely selection bias though.

Not that I really care, but you have no category that fits Taiwan. It is not really China and not Southeast Asia

Well, the fact that you take a stance on the subject's truth indicates that you do care. :) Taiwan's place in history is about as muddled as Palestine, Tibet, Ireland, and others, sometimes less, sometimes more. Some people take one side, some people take the other side, while I've found that people who don't care don't actually take a stance.

Which did you choose? All of us here in Taiwan should at least represent consistently ;-)

One thing that Taiwan (i.e, the Republic of China) and China (i.e, the People's Republic of China) can agree on is that the island of Taiwan is part of China.

I've never heard of Taiwan being part of Southeast Asia to be honest.

Well, Portugal and Spain are at the most West of all Europe(Finisterre, Lisbon, Canary and Açores Islands), and Portugal is not Mediterranean at all.

Don't have enough karma so can't vote. I'm from Malaysia.

I can't vote either. I am from India.

Malaysia boleh!

I am in Indonesia (but from the US).

Hello Malaysian here as well!

Malaysians represent!


Not to be US-centric, but it would be interesting to see the breakdown between East and West Coasts of the United States.

I would have to agree, I shoul've thought of that. It would have to be in another poll. You can try that some time.

One day, when I have Karma.

Will be interesting to see how this progresses as diff timezones wake up. It's pretty Aus heavy at the moment as people like me procrastinate in the office.

As an Istanbulite (is that even a word?), I'm confused.

In day time, I'm usually in Asia for school, and some nights, and most weekends I'm in Eastern Europe.

Voted for Eastern Europe and Other (since this part of Asia is not in the list).

egypt so i am in two places at once and wikipedia confirms it

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Africa http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_East

Thanks to your link, I came across this movie http://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=File%3AMiddle...

Where is Central Europe anyway? You have added Southern Europe after all.

Haha, no love for North Korea.

Pyongyang isn't that far away from where I live. I see Koryo planes all the time at my local airport (the only Russian ones there, I believe).

"Southern Africa", by most definitions, excludes populous countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ethiopia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Africa

I think a better term would be "Sub-Saharan Africa": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sub-Saharan_Africa

Also, missing: "South Asia (excluding India)", which would cover an area with around 390 million people.

I'm from Nigeria (West-Africa).. And while I agree that west african countries cannot be classified as southern africa, i also think "sub-saharan africa" is too broad.

I agree that "Sub-Saharan" is very broad, but I guess OP intended "Southern Africa" to be "Sub-Saharan" Africa. Unless the equator was intended to be the dividing line- which would make the definition of "Northern Africa" somewhat unconventional as well.

Instead of "Southern North America (eg. Mexico)", a better name IMO would be "Mexico, Caribbean or Central America".

I answered the same question recently on Quora: http://www.quora.com/Startups/What-are-some-cool-tech-compan...

Hello to everyone else from Helsinki, Finland - we should organize a Hacker News meetup!

It says Southern Part of America (Antarctica anyone?)... and that's kinda' vague.

It should say

Central America South America

I'm from Chile by the way.

I hope someone is keeping track of the votes along with the time data. That might be very interesting, as well.

Wow thanks a lot for indiscriminately lumping together Western Europe in a single, confusing category.

There is something that needs to be changed in this kind of pool. Every time the same misconception.

- North America

- Central America (Northern part of South America?)

- South America

This needs to be common knowledge.


I always thought that Scandinavia was part of Western Europe: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Europe#Population_of_We...

It is, but I try to divide culturally, and Scandinavia is quite a different bunch from rest of europe. (I'm Danish myself and have lived in Sweden for six years aswell)

This is also why I decided to add southern europe, since they are also quite different from say Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, etc.

Unfortunately, it led me to vote for both options, since I only saw the Southern option after having voted for Western (and after all, I'm in the most western European country). Well, I suppose it's not exactly a scientific study either.

To divide it culturally, I would say you would have to go along the lines of Nordic (I've always been told including Finland in Scandinavia is a good way to piss Fins off), Latin, Slavic etcetera.

It might be grouped that way for geography but culturally and demographically so depending on what you want to get out of your survey the distinction could be worth while.

I am from Myanmar (aka Burma) :)

By northern part of South America do you mean Central America? It's a fairly well established group of countries between (and excluding) Mexico ("North America") and Colombia ("South America")!

Australian in Costa Rica.

NOT everyone who reads Hacker News has an account to vote. It would be really nice to have Paul Graham release the analytics data on for HN. That way we can see where all the HN visitors are coming from.

I wonder how these results will compare to the geo analytics YC gets for HN






Edit: Uh oh, New Zealand isn't covered.

Somaliland representing. (Although I didn't bother submitting to the poll. Don't usually bother voting on articles and comments either).

Wow its not often you meet a fellow Somali!

Waa la buuxaa :)

hattip to mahmud

I'm from New Zealand, I just picked South East Asia, because that's where our game servers are. Would've appreciated an Oceanic option, OP.

Edit: Nevermind, it's Australia and New Zealand now. You can just replace that with Australasia, for the record.

As an Australian, now we can call any famous NZ ex-patriots, "Aussies". Cheers :-)

ps. In school we are taught either that Australia is the continent or Oceania is the continent, encompassing Australia, New Zealand, Micronesia, Polynesia (of which NZ is sometimes considered a part of) & Melanesia. It used to be this way until I suppose FIFA started considering Australia part of Asia. Now it's just confusing.

If there were an Oceania option, folks in Hawaii could vote for team Oceania.

New Zealand (Aotearoa) is most definitely within Polynesia, being one of the three corners of the Polynesian triangle, the other two being Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and Hawai'i.

I chose US on the poll, but feel that Oceania is more appropriate in a geographical sense, especially since so many Americans don't consider Hawai'i to be a part of "the states." (until it comes to war)

I was taught the collective name of Australia and New Zealand was Oceania?

Australasia is a region of Oceania http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Oceanias_Regions.png

What is interesting is that New Zealand is a "State" according to the Australian Constitution.


Haha. We claim anything good New Zealand ever does anyway. Pharlap, etc.

I'd love to know what percentage of Australasia respondents are kiwis, as I'm heading that way myself soon.

Wouldn't Australasia include New Guinea also?

If rdl (YC S11) see's this, he could vote Sealand. Although I think he may of fallen out with their King and Queen.

Found this in a previous poll. Graph the results http://hnlike.com/hncharts/chart/?id=6582647

I'm in Western Virginia, not to be confused with West Virginia.

Where is the Americas option? I mean there is an Eastern Europe option, why single out USA and Canada? Maybe it's worth singling out San Francisco / California as well?

Since I work remotely, I can live and work anywhere. Right now I'm in Sayulita, Mexico for 6 months. I've been traveling from place to place for the last 5 years.

Central Europe = "Other" I guess :-/

Edit: Actually, for the purposes of this poll Czech Republic is "Eastern Europe", just don't tell that to a Czech person ;)

I live just outside of London England (Essex for anyone that knows) and I don't think I'll be moving a while. Apart from the weather it's pretty good!

It's hard to know if you're getting representative results. To get a reliable answer, one would need to look at the site admin stats.

New Hampshire baby!

Indonesia, anyone?

I am living in Indonesia at the moment (West Jakarta, probably not far from you). Might be worth those of us in the area who follow HN to do a meetup of some sort? (My email is chris.travers@gmail.com)

Hey Chris, I'm also from US and in the Jakarta area -- sounds like there's a larger community here than I had imagined. I'll drop you an email.

Hi All, meetup sounds great! I know there are a lot of local Jakarta tech community (such as GDG Jakarta, StartupLokal, id-php, id-ruby), but a HN meetup would be different than those meetup.

Interesting, I'm also in the Jakarta (South Jakarta), how about hangout for Jakarta HN ?

awesome, hope to see people like me in jakarta, rama at wamplo com

hello there fellow Indonesian...

count me in: hisma.mulya at yahoo.co.id

New York

North America, USA, North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Central Asia (incl. Former Soviet Republics)

In which category does Pakistan belong :(

HI! Indian here :)

You can come with us lol


Dublin, Ireland

Cork, Ireland.

Central America

Hi, I am from India planning to shift to US but this immigration laws will never let me to do so.

Any workaround for it ?

After Jan 3, subtract 1 from USA and tick an extra one to Australasia. I'm bound for Christchurch.

Voted for Western Europe. Afterwards I realized there was a Mediterranean Europe choice too. Oops...

I'm from Australia and know for a fact quite a few Australian's frequent HN.

Is Rio de Janeiro Northern or Southern South America? Where did you draw the line?

Technically, I live in the USA... About 2,400 miles Southwest of Los Angeles.

Live in Melbourne Australia






whoop, whoop!

true fact: among the 100 best-selling books on earth (circa late 2011), there was only one book related to programming.

unsurprisingly, the machine language was C.

the human language? 中文.

EDIT: 不少得, slangin it 从 the, uh, 那个, 四川. (为了说得具体). ok, 完了. 但是, 如果hn有一些城都得人, 真的, 发给我一封短信.

EDIT 二: 刚才意识hn不会发短信, 所以我的电子邮件相信是 ransom@cinafides.com.au

What do you said? You can type English As well.

Shake hand :p

Reporting in.

Hello World

A little Buffalo, NY love?

I think it would be interesting to see where people were born as well.

Wow, more of us here in SE Asia than in Western Europe? Interesting.

It's still relatively early morning in Western Europe (7:26 AM in Barcelona, where I am.)

Bon dia pel matí!


They way they have defined Western Europe it amounts basically to France/Germany/Benelux/Switzerland.

It's 7 AM in Poland as of time you wrote it :)

Why? I think Chinese visitors should be significant amount

Berlin, Germany here.

Bangkok, Thailand :)

+1 :)

Chiang Mai, Thailand

I was wondering why this wasn't one of the main options listed ;)

South East Asia is there, isn't it ;)

HN meetup in CM anyone?

I love Chiang Mai, especially the Pai area... I'd like to return someday...

Woot! :)

Northern part of South America = Central America

Italy (or southern Europe)

edit: thanks for adding it to the list!

Central America?!

I guess it falls under "Southern North America"

Or is it "Northern South America"?

I think that will correspond to countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Peru or Ecuador, perhaps Brazil?

Tel Aviv, Israel.

Croatia - The Mediterranean as it once was :D

You could to increase the countries list, BTW

I'm from Russia and happy to stay here.

Hello World from Cairo - Egypt . anyone?

Puerto Rico.

I live in two countries. Hmmm


+1 from Ankara (and sometimes Bodrum)

I honestly didn't know what category to choose... I think Eastern Europe, Mediterranean Europe, and Middle East could all potentially qualify.

+1 from Kayseri for now.

+1 from Istanbul.

+1 for Istanbul.

+1 for Istanbul



Berlin. :)








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