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Dude, my copy of SCO Unix was only maybe 15 floppies....


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insert disc 2/15


The really annoying thing about SCO Unix is that it didn't use BIOS so trying to install it on a system with an unsupported floppy disk drive controller would invariably have it unable to find the floppy disk after booting the first one, and if the video card was not supported, the screen would just go black after booting off the first disk.

Oh those were the days.

OS2 came on 32 (thirty-two) 5.25" disks. I remember loading that beast.

I remember OS/2 Warp on 3.5" disks being even worse. They had al kind of supplemental disks and IIRC something that resembled Microsoft Works (BonusPak, maybe it was a demo).

To get an impression, I found this on eBay:


Windows 1.0 was a little bit less : http://twitpic.com/39kbjz but you need to install first DOS: http://twitpic.com/39kaxd

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