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The drive letter B: is also used by BartPE [1] as the default for its RAM disk. In fact, I think every time but one I encountered a Windows-era PC that had a B: drive it was a RAM disk, not a floppy drive.

[1] A bootable live Windows XP/Server 2003 environment. See http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/.

A: and B: were more relevant when PCs didn't have hard drives. Back then usually the OS would be on A and your current game/app would be on B.

I still remember the first game that was soooo big it required both A and B, meaning you to take the OS boot disk out (which you of course always forgot to put back in after you were done.)

Good thing I had a dad who soldered Philips' Apple ][ clone together when I was 2 so that I don't feel that old for knowing this ;)

Bart's work is fantastic. I just submitted his MODBOOT page, which taught me far too much about bootdisks and .BAT programming.

Also its bootdrv.com is one of the smallest useful programs I've ever seen, clocking in at seven bytes.

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