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OMG, i'm getting too old.

I came here to say that. In fact, bugger it, I don't care about originality! I'm going to say it too!

Oh gods, I'm so old.

I am only 27! Why is this happening?!

Just wait - in another two or three years, you will suddenly not be able to be trusted with meaningful architectural decisions, you will be looked down upon as too slow, and your years of knowledge will be ignored because clearly you don't have anything to offer.

Yikes, me too! Although the first realization was when I heard Aerosmith on the oldies radio station.

You know when I saw punchcards first, they were already a somewhat bygone relic of ages past. But I used floppy disks for a long time. That someone would ask this question today, never having seen a computer with a floppy disk... Yeah I feel old....

You want to know old? I'll tell you old. I just downloaded a copy (never mind where from) of Borland Pascal 7.0, the last version of Turbo Pascal for MSDOS. I have my own legal copy, with 5ΒΌ" disks, but no disk drives. But I also have a program I wrote in the mid-1980s that still has some users, and I've wondered for a long time what would happen if I needed to make changes to it. Now, thanks to DOSbox, I can run that entire programming environment on my Linux box and... probably do nothing with it, but at least it's there...

I have downloaded C64 software I have legally to run on Frodo.....

I know how you feel. My ten year old daughter did not realize you could network computers together with a cable. To her, everything is networked wirelessly.

When I was clearing out a cupboard the other day, my Son found an old cassette tape, he then proceeded to ask me what it was! I'm pretty sure in 20 more years we may see the same for CD ROMS or DVDs.

This particular post makes me feel so old though and I'm only 30 in a couple of weeks.

I remember buying Doom years ago and when I got the box it jangled round from all the discs inside of it.

I also remember when the first 24x speed CD drives came out, this is when hard drives were too expensive to load a full game on to so CD speed was important so your game didn't buffer as much.

Kids these days with their solid state iPads and 3D games consoles.


I think this was literally the first piece of "computer knowledge" I ever learned.

That means you missed all the fun with k7 tapes?

which for those that don't speak French translates to "cassette" tapes (ka - sept)...

That's exactly how I felt when reading the question :\

Don't copy that floppy, grandpa.

glad it's not just me

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