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Show HN: Food News - HN Clone Built With Django and Drum, Uses Persona for Auth (hypertexthero.com)
84 points by hypertexthero on Oct 17, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 28 comments

Good job, this is very cool!

Maybe you want to use the triangle, that was featured on HN a few days ago :) -- http://codepen.io/chriscoyier/full/lotjh

Is the source available for this anywhere? I would love to see some of it.

Thank you!

Credit for the bulk of the work must go to Stephen McDonald who made Mezzanine and Drum, of course.

Blog post with more info here: http://hypertexthero.com/logbook/2013/10/intro-food-news/

The source is here: https://github.com/hypertexthero/fn

I'll check out the CSS triangle.

Very cool, thanks. I've been looking for something like this. I may fork it with a Disqus integration.

Please do!

I used Disqus (which I think is excellent) for another experiment I did (much worse than Stephen McDonald's work with Mezzanine/Drum!): https://github.com/hypertexthero/hir - http://rome.hypertexthero.com/

I often think about this, but at this time still prefer not using a third party for comments, especially on a site where the comments are so important.

Yep, I agree with you regarding third party comments for the most part, but I think by using Disqus there could be way less friction for account sign up in some circumstances.

In my case, there's another site that I frequent that has a huge Disqus community, but it is desperately in need of social bookmarking functionality. I'm considering launching an independent site to provide it.

I'm super-excited about this site; I think it'll fill an important gap.

the link that you provided is very broken in my Firefox (which doesn't mean it's broken for everybody of course)

Can you please let me know the Firefox version & OS version?

Best part, find out healthy foods.

This looks great! How did you get so many people using it already? Was it just Hacker News crowd?

I recently also built a HN Clone with Flask, this one for Open Data, Data Visualization, and other things along those lines.


It was my first major Flask app and I mostly wanted to build it to learn. I definitely recommend this as a good learning application. Its complex enough you need to put in some thought but do-able at the same time.

Source for DataNews is here: https://github.com/joehand/DataNews

Grazie! I posted most of the initial links myself and showed the site to some friends before posting to HN. Very surprised it made it to HN homepage — maybe people are interested in Persona (I know I am)?

Thanks for letting me know about datanews and sharing the source. I like Python and Django a lot and want to try something with Flask, too.

Quick plug: if you want to launch your own HN clone about food or anything else, you might also want to check out Telescope, an open-source HN/Reddit-style social news app: http://telesc.pe/

+1 telescope is incredibly easy to set up for an HN clone. Run in on a heroku cluster for free too. Thats what I'm doing with http://www.hackb.io/. Check it out for a live demo.

Demo page is broken in Firefox.

Cool — I've been meaning to try Meteor for a while, will check it out.

Nice, smooth flow to it.

It might be nice if rather than assigning you a random string as a username it used something like "Click here to set your user name".


Agreed and it's on the [todo list](https://github.com/hypertexthero/fn#things-to-do)

I also should have figured out what was wrong with memcache before publishing. Server seems to be taking a beating right now. If it goes down, my apologies — working on it.

Cycling News clone: http://news.2wheellove.com

Looks nice, upvoting without logging in does have a small mistake though: "You must logged in."

Thanks for pointing this out.

I think the messages are inheriting from Mezzanine's messages app here https://github.com/stephenmcd/mezzanine/blob/master/mezzanin... - will fix it.

Fixed and @stephenmcd already merged the change, most excellent!

That is so cool, I was dying for a site like this.

I'd suggest for you to change the title of the page so it looks better on my bookmark bar. :)

Agreed and done :)

This is great. Thanks for putting this together!

fyi, the hyperlink to mezzanine in your github readme is missing the colon after "http"

Thanks! Fixed.

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