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I can't think of languages, but I can think of environments where it can be difficult. Maintaining software for embedded systems developed ages ago, for example. Unit testing of your new algorithm is, on the platform, not feasible. You may be able to put the code segment and mock up the rest of the software/hardware environment on your PC, but then you'll find out about undocumented features when you push it to the platform, or performance characteristics that make one algorithm less suitable than another (memory usage, time consumed). And you have to persuade those above you to give you the time to do this, when they don't see the value and want to get the code changed, reviewed and pushed to their normal testing procedures (which might be white-box testing, but is likely black-box testing at its finest).

And when your office has been built around this model for years, decades likely, introducing unit testing for new desktop apps (support apps like I make), is hard because they don't see the value of it. They have a process, I should just stick to it (that's their attitude, not mine).

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