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I've been attempting to 'love' Wave for the past couple of days now and it doesn't seem to be happening. I've done the homework on double-entry bookkeeping and have tried to fit my brain into Wave's workflow. Unfortunately, the total lack of documentation on how to get started with it is making life very difficult.

I've downloaded OP's application and whilst it seems much more straight-forward, I've come across a problem with transfers between accounts that makes me feel that it isn't quite ready yet.

Looks like I might have to settle for GNUCash.

I can't believe how difficult it's been to find a solution for simple double-entry accounting that's also self-contained (ie, I can create invoices and attach receipts). Our side project doesn't make enough money to justify spending on Quickbooks or a monthly site subscription, but I'm not convinced that they would be the right answer, anyway.

Have you looked at ERPNext? It is Open Source - http://github.com/webnotes/erpnext

Though it is an ERP, you can just use the accounting and sales modules and hide the rest.

(I am a developer at erpnext)

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