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>Please use a modern browser with JavaScript enabled to use Coursera.

One wonders how people who can't even create a static HTML page will manage to teach people a complex language like C++.

Because this University of California professor runs the entire Coursera website.

Well I don't know anything about who this organisation is or who in particular is running the course because I can't view the website!

Perhaps they want to do things that static HTML can't do?

As someone who has taken several Coursera classes (some bad, some very good), the site is a pile of crap. Most pages need far too many round-trips to load, and very few do anything "interesting". On my tablet I sometimes need to refresh pages several times to get them to load "all the way", because some request failed to fire or return or something. It works ok on the desktop, but on the whole it hasn't been thought out very well.

I'm trying to think of a page on their site where doing things "their way" (load a mostly empty page, fetch all the content later) is the right thing to do. Fittingly, I'm drawing a blank.

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