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It will be interesting to see what happens if Switzerland tries out this policy. Thus far there hasn't been much mention in this thread of an author who has written a whole book about how a basic guaranteed income policy might work in the United States. Charles Murray's book In Our Hands: A Plan to Replace the Welfare State,


goes into detail about how much a program of guaranteed income for everyone would cost in the United States, and suggests some probable effects that would have on everyone's everyday behavior. I read the book a year or two after it was published.

Murray's own summary of his argument


and reviews of his book





may inform the discussion here. The policy proposal of a basic income guarantee is interesting because

a) no country has ever tried it, really, so there isn't a real-world experience case to look at yet,


b) a remarkable variety of people from otherwise differing points of view have proposed it over the years.

I'm still trying to make up my mind how the trade-offs of a policy like a basic guaranteed income nationwide would compare to the trade-offs of "targeted" social welfare programs for elderly, disabled, and poor.

Why are your links focusing on the right-wing perspective on these ideas (Charles Murray of Bell Curve fame, von Mises institute)?

What authors would you recommend who have studied the issue in depth?

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