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Why do new standards have to be so heavy? Why can't it just be:

    <p ctag="wikipedia/The_Beatles">We're talking about The Beatles here</p>
Why can't they use Wikipedia? Everybody knows how to search Wikipedia, but dbpedia search (called "Navigator") isn't even linked from dbpedia.org (I had to use search engine to find out how to search dbpedia)

It even seems like anything that could be tagged should be well-formed XML document (well, XHTML).

This is a Bad Idea. You're mixing up more structure with the content. This reduces the usefulness of the tags because you and I may not agree on the tags.

What is needed are overlays that sit on top of the content. This way, you can specify tags for whatever sections you want, and I can do the same while the content remains untouched. The advantage is you can share your overlays with your friends, or you could even setup a centralized service that aggregates the overlays and uses the most common sets of tags.

I don't understand what you mean by "the content remains untouched." Referring to the original Beatles markup above, isn't it useful content to say this sentence is about the Beatles -- the topic described by that Wikipedia page. Presumably, you and I would agree on that mapping and reject tying that sentence to the Wikipedia page on the organism Beatles.

The overlaid, personal tags could be through some other mechanism that wouldn't even be part of the page. It could be some browser plugin that maps my tags for the band Beatles.

Why should the webpage server/provider have a monopoly on how you consume their content?

They should be using overlaid personal tags as well, it's just when the webpage is served, their tags would be sent over as well. Then you can choose if you want to use their tags or your own personal ones.

Like topic maps?

Or more like Ted Nelson's idea, "Embedded Markup Considered Harmful"?


You want to tag somebody's pages, I'm talking about tagging my own pages (which is what this "standard" is about, as I understand). They are already mixing structure with content, they're just doing it one of the hardest possible ways (from webmaster standpoint).

Just out of curiosity - why would you want to tag somebody's content?

Just out of curiosity - why would you want to tag somebody's content?

You lack imagination! :P Tagging = annotation ;-) why wouldn't you want to be able to add some form of notes/annotations to some document??

I agree. I think that you can put the tags into CSS classes and avoid most of the structure. My response got a bit lengthy, so I made it a post: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=654730

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