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Funny, the exact opposite happened to me with Airbnb.

I asked for a job:


.. and all I got was a t-shirt!


Note: I failed epically and didn't deserve the job. No hard feelings, though - this led to some awesome opportunities! Also, I love this shirt and wear it all the time. Super comfortable. Props to Airbnb.

This reminds me of the time Instagram held a contest[1] promising a T-Shirt, reneging and offering stickers, and finally not delivering anything.

[1] http://instagram-engineering.tumblr.com/post/12651721845/ins...

Wait, I thought they sent out t-shirts and just ran out.

Due to overwhelming response, we’ve run out of our entire stock of tee-shirts! With future challenges we’ll be offering a reward for the first group of people who respond.

So, did anyone get a shirt or just the first few people?

Seems like a really silly thing to renege on. Do you have any more posts discussing what happened?

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