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Serious question; What happens when you stop paying? That's why I use CDBaby for my stuff. I don't have to keep paying out for tracks that MIGHT sell 1 or 2 copies over the course of a year.

From the FAQ:

If you stop paying the $19.99 per year, we may remove your DistroKid songs & albums from stores. You will continue to have access to DistroKid.com and (of course) will receive any royalties owed to you.

The reason why we remove former-customers' music from stores is because it's a lot of work for us to gather revenue reports from stores, pay out royalties, do customer service, and so on. Your $19.99 per year covers all that.

We'll automatically re-bill you every year so you don't have to think about it. If the charge fails, we'll give you ample notice before removing any of your music from stores. We know you don't want any surprises when it comes to your music.

Also, in the rare case that we remove your music from stores after your yearly subscription ends, you can of course re-join DistroKid any time and upload it again.

I assume the content stay in the store but you can't upload new content.

I hope so, I'm planning on releasing about a dozen e.p.s over the course of a year, which i don't expect to ever sell more than 5 copies each, tops. it's a personal project to help myself improve as a song writer, and spending 45$ apiece is not worth it.

Do you specifically want it for sale if you don't expect it to sell many copies, or are you just looking to have your music out there? There are sites you can put music out there for free on. Shameless plug for my own site: http://www.audiomack.com. It is predominantly used for hip hop so that's what comes up in the top music charts, but there's nothing keeping anyone using it for any genre they like.

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