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Afaik it's not possible to get your music on BeatPort through any of these services (I've looked around before). I think they are pretty strict about curation and it requires a label with prior connections to Beatport to get on it. If I'm wrong about this I'd love to know!

yes, all my friends are saying this distrokid looks great, but its missing dance stores.

OTOH we all hate BeatPort, and iTunes really is not important. I only care that I get on boomkat, but I care about music more than I care about sales :) I've been on frontpage beatport, juno and boomkat. nice to take a screenshot of, but it doesn't translate into much money.

Beatport is kind of like iTunes, its been getting less and less strict about the curation. usually if you have a distributor agreement then you can get in that way. but honestly I haven't checked recently. maybe you can just apply.

they have huge problems with people buying tracks from other people (so they didn't even produce them) and buying soundcloud views to pump up their stats. and the music is just dull. but they still get in to beatport.

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