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Having money to publish or produce doesn't immediately make you a good artist.

of course not, but in general i think that a monetary barrier prevents lots of people from publishing on a whim or prematurely

That's fair. Sorry, upon re-reading my comment it was a bit flippant.

I just feel that there is a lot of shitty commercially-backed music out there already, and we're in the Internet age of "share everything" already, so even if this does open the door to poorly produced crap ending up in online stores, we have enough mechanisms (both technological and cognitive) to filter the good stuff to the top I think..

And if doing it this way lets good stuff get discovered more easily, and helps independent artists get paid more easily, I'm all for it.

Plus I think artists who take their craft seriously (and therefore may end up being floated to the top in my previous example) will be very conscious of the quality of the product they want to put out there..

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