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If I gave details on this, it would aid the spammers. So I can't really give details. I wish I could.

Good, I'm glad that you have thought about the subject.

ORRR he doesn't have an answer yet! Just kidding Pud, congrats man. Always liked your stuff and made a crazy living off Adbrite back in the day! Good luck.

Security through obscurity usually isn't a good idea.

Spam isn't a security problem, it's an abuse problem. All spam protection systems I know of rely at least somewhat on secret special sauce.

Not to pile on, but it's helpful to explicitly spell out the difference between security and spam: In the former, you're preventing access for anyone who's not on a whitelist. In the latter, you're hunting for people (who have access by default) to add to a blacklist.

That applies to security, but not really to fighting spam. The only people who will tell you exactly how they avoid spam are either a) not worth spamming or b) covered in it.

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