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Are you likely to do the same for movies?

If you think the music industry's distribution model is broken, check out the movie industry. Currently it'll cost me over $1,000 to use the easiest route to getting a feature into iTunes.

Good idea. I'm not a movie maker so I don't know much about the business, but I'll investigate.

I am a movie-maker (obviously), and I know a lot of other experienced movie types too - happy to help with research.

Good starting points would be the current leaders in getting movies onto iTunes and Netflix: KinoNation and http://www.distribber.com/ .

The situation for filmmakers is so bad that the latter's offer to take 3+ months to get a single movie into iTunes for the low, low price of $1295 was - rightly - considered to be a massive leap forward for filmmakers worldwide.

Isn't that really chump change for a movie?

it's chump change for hollywood feature films. there are other types of movies.

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