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"You can fix things. You can make new and amazing things." - yeah, but as a front-end developer, I still have to program using messy Javascript. I want packages, classes, public, private and protected, abstract, getters, setters all running natively - without the hacks or superset/compiled languages (ie. Typescript, Coffeescript, etc).

I miss Actionscript (not that it was perfect), but to remain commercially viable (and for other understandable reasons in the Flash vs HTML debate that I wont go into), I now write Javascript in a way not too dissimilar to how I used to write Actionscript nearly a decade ago! Things could be better.

Ultimately, what I'm saying is that being a web developer is not all about freedom, many concessions need to be made. I'd love the freedom to say f* IE. Forever.

We know there are better ways of doing things. But when it comes to the web, we have no choice to wait until it as a unified whole catches up.

Errr... to quote: "So it's not likely I could just step-in and make sweeping reforms".

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