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The problem is addiction rates for many drugs are exaggerated and the amount of people that live functional lives(functionally equivalent to normal people) is understated. People like you get a free pass with saying things like this but you have no real world experience.

I speak of cocaine specifically of that you mentioned and not crack-cocaine as I have no experience with that.

Any experienced drug user will say the same thing, that their lives were not improved by that drug use, and in most cases was made far worse.

Using personal anecdotes about your casual or social cocaine use is pure nonsense that has no bearing on the grim reality that addictive drug users experience every day.

It's still is not your job or that of anybody else to interfere in the transactions of adults where no third parties are harmed.

To be at least logically consistent, please spend your energy fighting the sale of alcohol and nicotine.

I am actually arguing that you are incorrect, on the basis of the data. I will not twist the definition. I will propose that a functional human being who has most issues worked out who takes drug use can treat it like any other risk/reward, and that drug usage can be a 'win' scenario.

or is that against your belief system?

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