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Most apps running on Google servers are aware that they're running in a shared environment, so they don't need the overhead of virtualized network interfaces. So I doubt that there will be any specific support for network namespaces.

And you can approximate mount namespaces with chroots and bind mounts. (In some ways that's better, since it's a bit easier for a process outside the container to interact with the container's filesystem).

We (lmctfy team) are in the middle of designing and adding namespace support. It will start trickling in soon.

Damn. This means it's much less useful to me (and 99% of applications outside of google). I guess I could combine lmctfy with a namespacing library of my own. But that's more extra work than I was anticipating.

Namespaces will be coming, but we're not there yet. This captures some of what we are already doing internally, but not all of it, yet.

Perhaps they'd be open to a collaboration where you add that functionality and then you use it to make docker (even more!) awesome.

The namespacing part is much simpler, if you have specific use cases.

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