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Flutter (YC W12) acquired by Google (flutterapp.com)
164 points by DesaiAshu 1363 days ago | hide | past | web | 24 comments | favorite

Wow! :) ... I remember this April fool joke. Cool how it comes true now :)

Haha :)... There was also a reply from the company. On the same day too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq1FM84uAck

Looking forward to controlling my living room with gestures :)

People try to get human support at Google. They wave their hands in frustration and... Boom. Magic! :)

Wow congrats to the team! I met them when they were interviewing at YC. They were waiting around to pitch pg and gave me a demo.. I was speechless at the time and I quickly began thinking of all use cases this technology could work with.

congrats to them, never heard of them before. went to their website (after reading the note) and tried to find any documentation on how to use the app. found none other than you can "now use previous and forward". became immediately disinterested.

Congrats to the team. This makes me think that Google may be trying to incorporate gesture data manipulation into Glass. They should snap up Thalmic Labs too.

Please not until we can get our hands on myo device and some access to the driver :-)

Wow, I love the Thalmic approach. I wonder if the sensor data from both approaches could be integrated for better accuracy

I remember thinking back when they first launched that a Google acquisition could be good for both parties. Congrats to the team, can't wait to see how your technology gets developed and deployed!

Congrats Mehul and Navneet! Very happy to see such a positive outcome. Can't wait to see what you do with Google's firepower behind you.

Obvious usage: Google is lagging behind their competition in the TV space. Apple's iTV, Ouya is taking Android into set-top space with their own ecosystem, Sony is bringing out the VitaStation... and then Microsoft and Valve have their higher-end devices that threaten to become general-purpose living-room computing/media machines beyond the hardcore gaming crowd.

The non-hardcore-gamer set-top space is getting crowded and Google TV flopped.

TV is the natural space for gestures, where a mouse and keyboard aren't practical. Microsoft knows this, Sony knows this - that's why Sony planned the camera as a standard feature for PS4 and only gutted it after cost concerns overwhelmed them.

And yet I love my Chromecast so much. An amazing first step.

I have always love Flutter. Yes it made me feel like a superhero !. i always showed my non techie friends Flutter how can i change a song just by waving. I was hoping to see more updates and features from you. Anyways. All the best

Its great to see a good product acquired by google, a perfect fit. Goes to Right hands.

And I hope, Google brings them to the common man sooner in very elegant ways. 2013 is the age of new Interfaces.

But, I always have this problem with Google - I don't like to see Google as an Engineering first company. They engineer so much, sometimes never reaching common man.

They must first focus from elegance, we call them Top to Down. I've made this mistake a zillion times tyring to engineer too much and forget on usablity and serving purpose.

Awesome! Looking forward to jedi controls in my Gmail. Great job guys.

I like how they still let you go to their website and use their product. Most companies that are acquired don't let you do that for some reason.

There's a link at the bottom to access the original homepage and then download the software.

Congrats guys. Great outcome for a solid team.

Congrats Navneet, Mehul, & team!

What a beautiful website

Just downloaded it in my PC.. wow.. awesome app!.. real magic!

Congrats guys!


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