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It's easy to say that now while you're not on trial. What happens if the day comes where you are on trial, for something you may or may not be guilty of and what you have on your phone could potentially incriminate you, corroborating false accusations? We see it all the time, information is translated out of context and used in ways it was never supposed to be interpreted. It happens all over the media, it happens in smear campaigns in politics, it happens any time someone wants to get ahead of you on the promotional ladder. It's too late to come back after the fact and say "Well shit, I guess I should have considered the implications of that technology being used against me when I considered it just as a convenience." Sure, it's convenient. I get that, we all do. But if you don't consider the price of that convenience up front, you can't come back and complain that it was used against you afterwards.

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