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Who owns emails? (mailbackapp.com)
10 points by pirer 1536 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 20 comments

Hmmm, not as effective a call for action as you might want. In part because under US law email delivered to your corporate address is a company asset, not a personal asset.

That said, there is a lot to be gained by having copies of your personal email (and metadata) handy. I am sure I am not unique in that I've got a script that uses imap to pull non-spam email into a temporally ordered store (a DVD-R :-) and a dynamically updated index (initially sqlite, now its more mysql). Still lose stuff of course :-).

Your quite unique. Just making a script for some people is extremely difficult.


For those who can't code or don't have the time.

fetchmail for saving, notmuch for indexing/searching.

offlineimap ftw.

For the audience to provide constructive feedback you need to give us something to work with. On face value the idea seems solid enough but there is nothing for us to provide feedback on.

The landing page looks decent, I am not a fan of the mock conversation with Snowden, I think it is tacky. I see what you are attempting to portray however I think you miss the mark.

We need some more details rather than just telling us it runs on Google's App Engine.

I don't understand this. Is this something that you just blindly send your email to and then they save it for you? There's no indication of how you get access to it, or what is sent when you submit your email. Or really why you would use this over any of the commonly available email backup solutions.

If I need to backup my emails, why wouldn't I use some dedicated solution I have control over? Example. http://www.mailstore.com/en/mailstore-home.aspx

I agree, this doesn't really fill me with great confidence. There is no information about where the data is stored.. is it encrypted? Is it a company? And I am simply registered to pay $10 to be put into a waiting list?

Shameless Plug:

I have built an Email Backup software for the Mac at http://thehorcrux.com/. I'm currently building a cloud version of it at http://www.backupfog.com/.

It's made on google app engine, there's no intention on being shady. That's why I use gumroad.com for payments. I would have made a kickstarter on this. But it isn't available where I live.

pedro, you took the whole lean product stuff too serious. take a walk.

It's not totally clear to me from the website what the service does, how it works, and what benefits it provides. Can you post a more detailed explanation?

this looks very shady to me.

Perhaps cause it looks like a high school webpage project?

Yeah the conversation spiel is tacky to say the least...

I personally guarantee that's not the case

That sounds even shadier...

Doesn't seem to work...

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