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Protection against what ? That is the desired behaviour of most people. And if it isn't then you can simple disable the behaviour.

It's not like you will lose data since it is backed up to iCloud.

I think you misunderstood. The person entering bogus passwords is not a thief, but an otherwise trusted prankster. For example, a brother.

This has always been available as a setting on iOS and it is not the default. Most companies though will install a profile which enables this to a custom value of retry attempts if you add the company email (typically exchange ) account to your phone

> Protection against what ?

Um, protection against random people wiping your phone maybe?

How do you expect the phone to distinguish between "password entered 10 times incorrectly by asshole" and "password entered 10 times incorrectly by thief"?

If this is a problem with your circle of friends: find new friends, or disable this feature.

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